Character Design Football Players

1st&Goal is a digital strategy game developed by Underbite Games and by R and R Games for phones, tablets and the web. Illustrations show when gains, losses penalties are realized during game-play. Character Designs by Susan Bonner. 

Animation for Motion Graphics


Lost Boy Home - A documentary about a Sudanese Lost boy and his journey back home after years of separation from his family.

ThinkFast - An Educational Game Show for High Schools and Universities dealing with socially responsible issues such as substance abuse and other healthy choices.

Exhibition Print from Wheels, Shown at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts 2012.
The show was to honor the Artworks program for winning the National Arts and Humanities Award from the White House. 

Animation for Interactive

Black Box Website Click to see the Animation

Chimaira Site for RoadRunner Records Click to see the Animation

Dennen Steel Corp Website Click to see the Animation

3D Animation

3D Simulation for ACD Click to see the Animation

3D Simulation for ACD Click to see the Animation